I was born in Tajikistan in 1974. However at that time Tajikistan was a part of USSR, so actually I was born in USSR! In 1997 I graduated Tajik Technical University with diploma in an Engineering field. Next year 1998 I joint United Nation (UN). Since then I was working for a peace keeping in Tajikistan, Kosovo and Lebanon.

In 2001 I discovered my interest to photography, starting to shoot with small point-and-shot film camera “Minolta Riva Zoom 150”. At that time, making simple portraits of my friends and relatives and taking pictures of nature around, I understood that I would like to make more attractive and more interesting photographs.

Somewhere in 2002 I started my friendship with the digital photography, using 1.3 mega pixels “Sony Mavica” photo camera. This camera was producing low quality, noisy pictures, but it let me to shoot photos without thinking about the cost of film and it let me to see my photo work strait away without waiting for the film to be developed and printed.

These days I shoot pictures with 21 mega pixels “Canon 5D Mark II” SLR camera. Photography is a hobby for me, but I spend a lot of time and efforts in order to produce beautiful and professionally looking images.

My photo work is not a precise imprint of the life around – it’s a reflection of my mind!